Thursday, July 24, 2008

Winter Orange Cake

With a dinner invitation for Friday, I decided I would bake an orange cake for dessert as my contribution. This used to be one of my favourite baked treats for the folks at work, with oranges being abundant in the winter, but somehow I have been slack for a while.

Finally with a catalyst, I decided to try out a new orange cake recipe. Just randomly googled up and selected one based on my whim and fancy. And went to work. In a jiffy, I had 3 cakes, a loaf for the dinner and 2 ramekins for our own consumption.

Citrus scents are hard to resist. G begged for a cake (despite Thursday night being a healthy diet night and not quite off the Nazi regime) and wolfed down three-quarters of it, leaving me with a measly quarter. Was quite a nice recipe, it was moist without being overly buttery and not as sweet as I had feared.

I'm definitely going to be baking more orange cakes before the winter is over.

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