Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day Trip To Canberra

With G headed off to Canberra for a meeting for just the day, I decided to tag along for the ride and to visit the Art Gallery as I had missed it on my last visit to Canberra a couple of years ago to see the Floriade.

I got dropped off at the Australian Museum first. The architecture was pretty cool and I think in general the modern architecture in Canberra surpasses that in Sydney. It has a more contemporary and cutting-edge feel about it.

Inside the museum, what caught my (camera) eye was close to my heart or rather stomach. I liked the old-fashioned cooking stuff. I loved the aerodynamic design of the 60s caravan with all its curves in a romantic pink. It's just got such a nostalgic feel about it.

On the opposite scale of romance but perhaps a type of gruesome nostalgia is somewhat closer to it, is this formalin-preserved heart of the famous racing horse, Phar Lap, which had won almost every single major race during its name. It had died from being (allegedly) poisoned and its heart is twice the size of a normal horse's heart. Well, I thought it was pretty interesting, morbid as this photo may be...

G finished his meeting and we wandered around the National Art Gallery together. I liked this "floating" wire sculpture outside the building. It had an almost ephemeral feel about it. A type of reality being suspended, and you aren't quite sure then whether the reality that you know, is truly the reality of the environment around you or whether it is just the reality in your own mind...


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