Sunday, January 04, 2009


My slight obsession with ceramics continues. It has been some time since I last bought any. So when MIL (to soon be) brought me to Foragers, a treasure trove of vintage and retro stuff, in Christchurch, I was in heaven. So much so that I made a repeat trip there an hour after I left since the first trip was a hasty one. One needs to take one's time in such a shop, to slowly savour the offerings, touch every item, turn them round and round, look at things from different angles. Then make one's decision as to what to buy.

And so on the repeat trip to Foragers, I slowly fingered everything which caught my eye. I didn't spend very much because the items that I bought were going for a song. I bought 3 saucers, the red-rimmed one on the top left, the floral one on the top right and the green-rimmed one on the bottom right. I think they might match the partnerless teacups I have accumulated along the way. Lovely saucers - 50 cents each. Finding treasures going for a song - priceless.

The other 3 plates? Even cheaper. I picked them up at our lobby, a neighbour must have been moving out and so left several boxes of crockery. I picked the 3 I liked best and left a whole bunch for other treasure-hunters.

I love these little plates, every single one tells a different story.

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