Saturday, February 07, 2009

Something New, Something Old

We have been enjoying a very simple device which makes BBQ-ing and cleaning up ever so easy. The heaven-sent gift (actually NZ-sent by MIL) is a black liner made of some sort of plastic-like material which you place on the BBQ plate and you cook all the food on it. After the cooking's done, just wash the liner with liquid detergent and water. No more scouring and scraping. No more mess. And it's reusable. We love, love, love our new BBQ liner.

And that has just encouraged us to have BBQ seafood for weekend dinners more often. With a side salad, dinner is so easy, delicious and light for these hot summer nights.

I've also been inspired by childhood memories of sweet potato donuts that mum used to make, and I am planning to tweak the recipe a little and make something similar this weekend. Something old to revive this weekend, I miss those very simple yet oh so yummy recipes.

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