Friday, January 30, 2009

Coffee, Tea Or Just Me?

Maybe it was the Gallery tearoom/cafe plan brewing or at least gently simmering at the backburner of my mind, that caused this short 4-day work week to be one long, dragged out, mind-numbing, soul-sapping period of time that I couldn't wait for to end...

Work is getting harder to bear. The contents of the work is still the same boring, technical, dry stuff that only by the tight and controlled exercise of sheer mind over matter that I manage to tolerate. I think I shall rate my biggest strength to be "versatility" should I get asked at the next interview. I don't have to like it to be able to do it. I just pray for the patience of Job to see it through cos on the basis of the pay cheque, it's plainly not going to be enough motivation. Everyone says do it for the money. It's such a clique, true enough but there comes a time where that will be overridden by other factors. Like when your mind gets numbed and your soul gets sapped. And that's when you need to turn yourself towards things like tea and coffee... for a little soul nourishment before everything gets drained out and you are left with a brittle shell (and a healthy bank account).

The irony.

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