Monday, January 26, 2009


The Freeland Gallery family had a reunion last night. It was Chinese New Year eve, the most important night for Chinese families to have dinner, akin to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners where everyone reunites around the dining table.

This year, the first CNY dinner which I am not eating with my immediate family, apart from my newly-acquired husband, G, I decided the next best thing was to have it with the Freeland Gallery family and so we did.

And we had a lively dinner, culminating in a healthy discussion about a new potential business initiative which we can all participate in, leveraging off the Gallery, and possibly boosting the Gallery's viability in these difficult times. I like to think that the feeling of hope for the future and the commitment we all will put into this potential initiative will enable the Gallery to stay afloat.

Additional bonus for G and I came in the form of belated wedding presents from John and Masako, who had missed the wedding as they were coincidentally but separately, just returning to Sydney on 10 Jan. John presented us with a pair of teal tea cup trio by Nell McCredie, NSW, the photo just doesn't do this pair justice. The lovely greenish-blue hue tinged with a faint pinkish-brown is exquisite and I love them the minute I set eyes on them. Masako's gift of a pair of lacquer Japanese soup bowls and chopsticks were exactly what we needed. We realised we didn't have any soup bowls for this dinner and this pair in striking red and black is just the ticket. Except we will need to grow this family of lacquer soup bowls.

Friends, family, friends-family... random people we meet in the journey of life, from strangers to friends to much much more...

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