Saturday, January 31, 2009

May Your Year Be Filled With Abundance

I had been eyeing this range of circle flap handbags for quite a while now. They remind me of fish scales but round, and I just couldn't decide if I wanted a red one which is the kind of handbag I like, a black classic one which would be practical or a mustard one to replace my last mustard-coloured handbag, a colour which is hard to come by in a nice handbag. Decisions, decisions, it was just too hard to pick one, so I put it off and held off getting one of these bags.

So today when I chanced upon a garage sale in the neighbourhood and a similar bag except it was flap handbag shaped like a fish, in very soft PVC, I knew this was it. Quirky! The girl wanted $15, I offered $10 and we agreed on $12.

It got me thinking this was a purchase apt for the Lunar New Year. "Nian nian you yu" that is the traditional Chinese New Year saying - may your year be filled with abundance. Now that is just what we need in these current times ...

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