Sunday, April 12, 2009

Number Seven

And so we made it. Across the Bridge. Survived the packing, moving, and didn't have to throw any of our furniture away upon arrival at the new apartment. Empty spaces always seem smaller than they really are, and once you stick furniture in there, the space will almost always appear larger. And more liveable. The layout of the new place is also much better than our old place and the quality of the building is just much better and stronger.

We like the quaint little '50s brick building with its number "Seven" spelt out on the facade. We like the quiet around us. We like the greenery we see everywhere, the golf course, the tennis courts, the nature reserve and pockets of little green patches. And the little boats bobbing in the water. We like being surrounded by other similar retro-looking, little buildings and houses. We like the fact that the Green Park Village shops, a row of only 6 shops is exactly opposite us. We like the idea of our friends being able to find free parking easily when they come and visit - now we just need to entice them over and convince them that the Bridge is only a psychological barrier that they can break through...



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