Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food And Friends

Friday night dinner: Curry chicken pie with rocket salad. Home-made. By me. Yummy.

Saturday lunch: Spaghetti at the organic cafe in SH. Chef looks and sounds Malay. Possibly Indonesian. Chilli, tomatoes, olives, topped with rocket. Slight trace of anchovies. More would be better. Still delicious.

Sunday picnic: Leo's birthday cake. Made by his loving and innovative parents. Crowning the bright green cake was such a cute little train made out of fudge. Running on tracks which said "2" which is how old he is. Even though he insists he is 3. He is a year ahead of himself.

Here is Leo. Make like a monkey, Leo. Leo cannot stop repeating, "monkey, monkey, monkey" after me. His vocabulary has expanded quickly over the last few months.

Leo is cute, cute, cute.

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