Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Good Weekend

Despite the rainy weather this weekend, we managed to have a good time. We got a respite from the rain for most part of our Architecture Walk on Utzon on Saturday. That is my V-D gift to G. I think it is nice to gift an activity that we can do together. It was a most informative and interesting walking tour led by architect, Eoghan (one of those names that I've now cultivated the ability to identify straight off that it's NOT pronounced the way it is spelt, but how to actually say it, I still have to refer to the internet. For anyone who's interested, it's "e-oh-in"). Highly recommended for anyone interested in the city, architecture and design.

Then for V-D dinner, G cooked what I think is his best dish - 4-mushroom risotto, or perhaps it was 3 this time round, and as a special treat, he had seared quite a few scallops and topped the risotto with those yummy suckers. It was as delicious as the first time he made it. For once, the memory of something is not better than the reality of it, when one actually experiences it again. It was so good that we scoffed down half the dish before we remembered that we forgot to take any photos. And I have next weekend to look forward to as his V-D gift to me is the play we will be watching the following weekend.

It continued to rain on Sunday with a few dry(er) window periods, 1 of which we headed out for a late lunch of salmon pide with our de rigeur weekend coffees, followed by a movie, "Ghost Town" which was largely funny with some touching moments. A generally feel-good movie. After which I finally succumbed and bought a jar of kaya which I had tonight after dinner and dessert. I really didn't need it but I just couldn't bear the feeling of hankering I know I will be harbouring all night, so I figured I might as well give in now to temptation than to give in later.

Temptation, the only thing I cannot resist...

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