Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Gourmet BBQ

We made the trek out to Summer Hill today. It only took us a mere 15 minutes on the train, which was a surprise to me because I had the destination firmly etched in my mind, located somewhere in the boondocks. We made that little excursion out because Sarah and Greg had invited us to a BBQ today. And I got to explore yet another bit of Sydney and G had a good reason to be forced outside his comfort zone (of actual physical locations).

It turned out to be quite a gourmet BBQ with a variety of sausages, beef steak, prawn skewers and a lovely South American marinated fish dish (I keep forgetting the name, except the lemon and orange juice marinade "cooks" the raw fish and is so delicious) with sides of cole slaw, salad, roasted Roma tomatoes and bread.

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon, with great company (including 2 toddlers and a "big dog" as Leo keeps referring to Lux the Lab) and fabulous food. I contributed the orange cake for dessert, a sweet end note, which went well with Greg's Allpress coffee.

Isn't life all about the 3 Fs - friends, family and food?

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