Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mummy Dearest

With 7 days to go before Mother's Day, I've completed my project to make my Mother's Day card(s). My own mother isn't one who appreciates cards, she thinks they are a waste of money, so she wasn't going to get 1 originally. I was making the MIL a card cos she's one of those who would appreciate a home-made card especially. Then after seeing me make the MIL's card, G requested that I make Denice a card as well as she would appreciate 1 too. So I set down to make card number 2. Halfway through I figured since I am making my MIL and quasi-MIL cards, surely my own mother should receive a card too. That would only be right. And so I started on card number 3.

From 1 mother to 3 (sort of) this year, I guess I should count myself lucky that I've ended up with a really wonderful MIL plus a quasi-MIL who's more like a friend. I could have done a lot worse...



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