Monday, April 13, 2009

A Pasta To Rave About

After hearing G rave about the chilli and prawn spaghetti at the Light Brigade, we finally made it there for a late lunch today. Tired out from the semi-industrial cleaning of the old apartment (erasing 5 years of grime takes a lot of hard work, my biceps have had a good workout), we only ate at 3 pm.

But wow - this is a pasta worth waiting for. And well worth the $12. Totally exceeded expectations which were already high to start off with. The prawns were big and succulent, the rocket added a nice texture, the chilli gave it a little bit of a kick and the parmesan cheese just made the dish even yummier. A simple few ingredients, well executed. I was so blown away by this, I wanted to have it again for dinner!

We both licked our plates clean. This easily gave other gourmet pasta places a run for their money. If only this was on OUR side of the Bridge...

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