Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post-Work Migraine

Today I experienced my first migraine ever since I stopped work. Migraines were fairly common when I was at work, especially those last 6 months or so. It seemed to come regularly on a weekly basis at 3.30 pm and I would whip out my aromatherapy stress rollerball thingy, or go get a coffee. Or in most situations, pop 2 panadols. But since I finished up with work, no more migraines!

But today, it made a comeback at 3.30 pm no less. I was drinking a cup of coffee at home and ironically, instead of keeping a migraine away, I felt the all too familiar painful throb. And all because of tax. I had come back from the visit to the tax accountant to finalise the tax returns. To my horror, I would have to cough up another close to $2,000 in additional taxes on top of the equivalent of a not-very-junior-person's annual salary that I've already paid. No thanks to the alignment of the stars this tax year:-

1. redundancy took effect on the very last day of the tax year
2. I applied for residency this tax year and got it so that wiped out my exemption of paying for medicare levy
3. medicare levy is based on salary and salary was inflated due to point 1!!!

So as I said, the stars were all aligned to ensure that I was royally screwed this year by the Tax Man. I want to go back to a kinder, fairer tax regime where my tax dollars are not going to some undeserving chain-smoking, dope-taking, teenaged, single mother.

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