Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Year, New Clothes

Chinese New Year is a time for eating lots of yummy and fattening goodies. It is also a time to traditionally buy a few new outfits (or 5) to kickstart the new Lunar year with everything new - clothes, shoes and even underwear for some.

I haven't bought any new CNY clothes over the last 4 years while I have been in Sydney. And so this year seems particularly special in terms of getting some pretty new clothes, dresses to be exact as I've decided that the easiest way of dressing for work was to throw on a dress. No need to worry about matching tops and bottoms. Even better if the dress was in a fabric that does not require ironing.

Over the last 3 weeks, I had bought 2 dresses in different shades of purple/plum. That colour was everywhere. I was getting a little concerned that my only 2 new purchases were so similar no one was able to tell the difference!
Then yesterday whilst waiting for my sister to leave the office for dinner, I decided to have a wander around a few dress shops I knew nearby to see if I could find anything nice. The first shop stocked clothes from Korea and was run by a Korean lady. The dress she recommended was a popular buy according to her, it was in a nice cotton fabric and simple and in a classic retro Audrey Hepburn style which I quite liked. But the colour was a little staid, a navy blue with a ochre lining around the neckline. So I KIV-ed that dress and decided to widen the search.

The next stop was staffed by a very good sales lady. She proceeded to bring out one dress after another for me to try when I've identified a couple that I might like. After trying on 7 or 8 dresses, I decided that my top 2 favourites were a Chanel-esque flapper-style dress in yellow and a black and white Eley Kishimoto dress. I can always go back for the blue and brown Stepford wives dress which is slightly tight around the underarm and needs to be taken out half an inch and the deep emerald green dress with the interesting sleeves. But for now, I bought my top 2 choices. And they are not purple! I am all set for the Chinese New Year.

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