Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Last 24 Hours In Sydney

My second last day in Sydney was a beautiful sunny day. I took a break from work in the afternoon and decided to go for a quick bush walk down to the miniature waterfall near us as I would probably never have the chance to do it despite all my good intentions of exploring the area earlier on. In my 6 months of freedom, I should have found my way there but somehow just didn't. I did not want to have any regrets before I left so I wandered off into the bush.

The little track next to an apartment block led me down into the bush. I hesitated a little, morbid thoughts of being strangled just before I left Sydney briefly crossed my mind, and how people remembering me would say with a sigh, "Poor thing, just when she was just going to move back to Singapore... if only she didn't go off by herself into the bush." I banished those horrible thoughts and walked down further and soon came to a little narrow bridge. I could see the waterfall from there but it was quite dry that day, I veered to the other direction and carried on walking.

Lo and behold, I came upon this...

This was actually also a short cut to Primrose Park, shaving off at least 15 minutes. I completely didn't realise it because my sense of direction is so bad, I didn't connect the dots as to where the park was actually situated.

Primrose Park is interesting because it used to be a horrible sewerage site many, many years ago and in the recent years, was turned into a park. It is now lush and green (probably fertile from the crap that used to be there) and the size of a few football pitches. People walk their dogs, toss balls around and play cricket ther.

I walked the length of it towards the water and then did a bit of yoga before making my way home. Home for the next 24 hours before I return to my hometown.

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