Sunday, May 30, 2010

Countdown To A New Chapter

The new chapter in my work life sorta had a false start with this conference I attended in Aptos, California with the folks from the new job. It was a fantastic 3 days, meeting everyone, hearing interesting issues and challenges surfaced by various speakers, learning about the inside politics of who likes whom and who doesn't. And also I am no longer a S'more virgin, having toasted marshmallows over a real roaring open bonfire, squashing a fat one with a Hersey chocolate between 2 graham crackers and then going back for more marshmallows the whole night on the beach.

It got me all geared up ready to go, except for the fact that I was going nowhere for the next 7.5 weeks. Now that was frustrating. But seeing as it is now officially 4 weeks to go, I can start the countdown without it being like a dot of light at the end of a long tunnel.

New work life (not just a career), bring it on!

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