Sunday, April 18, 2010

Everyone Loves Fries

Due to the strange inability to move photos that are taken by my phone and uploaded through Bluetooth to my laptop, dessert comes first today.

We finally went to "Everything With Fries", an outlet opened by the same people who own "Awfully Chocolate". The same minimalist-style decor was a big hit with us. We like the blackboard menu and the buzz of pink-shirted young people waiting tables.

This warm and gooey Nutella tart ended our very satisfactory dinner although we had some observations about the inefficient flow of the wait staff doing their thing. Waiters walking pass empty-handed, not refilling cups or handing out menus. Or coming to the table with a refilled cup and then not removing empty dishes. Lots of busy staff bustling by, but not very efficient work being carried out. That's one of our pet subjects whenever we eat out, dissecting the operational process flow and opining how things can be done better. Plus talking about the food and ambience of course and in those areas, this place ticks all the boxes.

I had the pork chop with sour cream and herb shoe-string fries. Yum. G had the breaded salmon with original straight-cut fries. The only problem was "original" means with paprika and not like how normal people think "original" means ie. salt.

We had a chat with Lyn, the owner of the joint after dinner. She was very friendly, very receptive. I think this place will be even more successful after she fixes those issues. We look forward to coming back to try more dishes including the Mille crepe which was sold out that night.

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