Thursday, March 25, 2010


I love dim sum, who doesn't? It's always an easy choice for a weekend brunch. I've been trying to find a good dim sum place now that we are a few thousand miles from Marigold, my favourite yumcha restaurant in Sydney, which boasts of 100 plus varieties of dim sum every day.

The Tung Lok restaurant at Paramount hotel, despite bearing the Tung Lok brand name, is extremely disappointing in terms of quality and the abysmal variety. Wah Lok in Carlton hotel is a perennial favourite, its standards are consistent throughout the years. We went to Crystal Jade at Changi Airport last weekend for the reason that it would probably not be too crowded and was fairly near to us. It was pretty good and in particular, this steamer of transparent-skinned veggie dumplings. Visually pleasing and tasty. This Crystal Jade is definitely on our list for yumcha.

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