Saturday, August 26, 2006

Couple Of Tidbits

A couple of interesting happenings this past week.

1. Received an email from Tate Modern, shortlisting me for an interview in early September. Also mentioned they can offer 2 days a week and could I find another organisation to get the rest of my work experience for my internship requirements. But it would be purrrrrfect, 2 days a week at Tate, the other 3 days at work in Brighton! And if Tate can continue to use me for 15 weeks, I would have fulfilled the draconian 240 hours of free labour. We shall see, fingers crossed.

Started working out the cost of train commute. Almost had a heart attack, it worked out to be about S$3,000 for the 15 weeks, just taking the train 2 times a week. Enough to pay for 2 return air tickets from Singapore to London. Searching further, there is the possibility of cheaper tickets, but would possibly have to buy online in advance. I guess the savings on the apartment rental here is going to be paying for train tickets. The cost of living in London is so incredibly steep. Just as well I'm now very adept at cooking tasty meals that can translate into convenient packed lunches as well.

2. Whilst cleaning out my Murphy bed (that space which is between the bed proper and the fake cupboard door hiding the bed when it is stored away) today, I dislodged a black bra! It must have been wedged under the old volume of White Pages which I finally decided to discard. It took me a split second to conclude that it WASN'T mine. It still had the perfume of its owner lingering under the fur balls which had coated the garment. That must have been one drunken night for the last (male) tenant and his visitor. And a hurried exit at that...

I must start clearing out stuff in the apartment. The possibility of having to give it up in November is starting to look real.


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