Saturday, October 28, 2006

Opening Night

It was finally the Opening Night of THE show. Everything culminates in this (or does it?). The last 2 works to arrive had been hung in the morning and they look great together. A stroke of luck as we had to hang the rest without taking these into consideration on Installation Day as they had not yet arrived then.

The food and wine arrived, I was a little concerned (being the greedy foodie that I am) that the finger food platters were not enough, they didn't look very big, but thank goodness someone had the good sense to hid 2 more platters in the office, away from the hovering vultures (aka poor/greedy/opportunistic art students) that were eyeing the food and wine and immediately swooped down on them when the guests went into the gallery for the speeches!

And they turned out to be more than sufficient - and delicious. I just stuffed my face (in between duty as photographer and general dogsbody) and also managed to get the recipe for the fabulous green dip (leek and baby spinach) off the executive chef. Yummy! As you can see, my interest lies more in F&B hence there are more photos of that than of the show proper.

Everyone was pleased, the 2 artists were chuffed, the speaker was happy to be invited to speak and rub shoulders with the artists, the tutor was glad that things went so well without any sort of intervention from her, and we, the student curators were satisfied with how we progressed and the end results. We didn't have a single fight amongst us during this whole journey - probably unheard of, but absolutely true. It really was a good experience, and we had a lot of fun doing it.


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