Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Food Cravings

I had some food cravings which I was happy to satisfy recently. In chronological (but definitely not meritorious) order:-

1. After purchasing the jar of famous Tetsuya black truffle salsa, I decided to simply stir it through, as recommended, with olive oil and grated cheese, into a bowl of hot rigatoni (which is the only type of pasta I buy, apart from spaghetti which is used for my laksa).
Verdict: I didn't experience the "I've-died-and-gone-to-Heaven" feeling which I was expecting. It was... ok.

2. Being a non-chocoholic, it's quite surprising that I've developed some chocolate cravings since the cold winter months which have not dissipated with the onset of warmer weather recently. So I bought this box of Korean choc-coated almond biscuit sticks which were relatively tasteless, the crunchy bits were nice but otherwise pretty mediocre.
Verdict: I still think the Japanese Pocky beats the Korean Lotte hands down any day. Ganbatei!

3. Something deepfried. Something meaty. Preferably with chives. Pot sticklers. Nothing like the ones mum makes but nevertheless, a tasty dinner which requires minimal assembling effort.
Verdict: Could do with more meat juice, perhaps the missing egg is not a nice-to-have after all. And some minced prawns to add a different layer of sweetness to the pork. Oh, and some finely-chopped fresh waterchestnut would be perfect, to give a difference in textures. But still overall, in my extremely unbiased opinion, above average. (well, if I were biased, I would have said good, wouldn't I?)


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