Saturday, November 25, 2006

Food For Thought

Today was supposed to be a day of recuperation, a somewhat take-it-easy day. However, I ended up walking for ages, first of all to the Malay-Chinese place for prawn noodle soup. It was pretty good, but I thought the first time I had it was better, perhaps it was because they were from different outlets, the first outlet I had gone to had closed down last month. Or maybe one's memory is always superior to reality. I briefly contemplated ordering something different, something without prawns, seeing as I had made some Vietnamese rice paper rolls for dinner last night and the common ingredients of prawns and vermicelli were a little too... similar. However, that was about the only thing in common, the prawn noodles tasted a lot better than my dinner, which turned out to be a little bland.

On my way back from the Museum of Contemporary Art, I had planned to drop in at the DJ's gourmet food section to get a bottle of Tetsuya's Black Truffle Salsa which I have been reading about in various foodblogs. It made my mouth water reading about the simple uses one can put this delicious item to. But I had wandered into a gourmet food store after the museum and found it being sold there, so I bought a jar. Now the first thing is try it simply with pasta. Considering there are only 4 servings in the little jar, each serving is going to cost me A$5.50, that would be enough for a small portion of pasta - I will have to savour it ALONE.

And then, I went to the fresh food market and bought bananas and nectarines, stocking up my fruit intake for the week. Feeling really peckish when I finally made it home 6 hours later (all on foot mind you), I opened the package of oatmeal crisps that a Filipino colleague so kindly delivered to the hotel when I was in Manila. She had taken us out shopping that morning and we had parted after lunch, I had gone to the spa and when I returned that evening, a package was waiting for me with a note to say they were her favourite cookies and so she got me a bottle. I am glad I brought it back with me, was a little worried the stringent customs requirements would not allow me to bring it in, but I declared it and there were no problems. And they were worth it! Super-delicious. Mmm...

Tomorrow then, will be a day of recuperation.


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