Monday, November 06, 2006

My New Shoe Box

Usually the key to finally open the door, is usually the last in the bunch. I was pretty lucky, the second one in the bunch of about 10 keys fitted. I opened the security door with an armload of mail from my new letterbox and climbed up the 2 flights of steps to my new studio apartment. This time struggling at the front door, not so lucky, I fumbled with about 5 keys before I found the right one and let myself in.

Standing in the doorway, I take in the length and breadth of the studio. It was a shoe box. A nice, modern shoe box. I estimated it to be two-thirds the size of my current place and I did a rough measure of the space. About 20 square metres, yes about right, my current apartment is probably 30-32 square metres. I always had a good eye for judging distances (boasting particular expertise in gauging a man's height, especially the interesting ones, and in being able to punch notes dead in the centre without the need to fold papers in half).

The good thing about the studio is there is plenty of light and ventilation is good. The bad thing is in order to get the good ventilation and light, there is a window that looks right smack into the terrace house behind. If I leave the blinds down, there is no light and no air. If I leave it up, everyone can see right into the studio and right at me sleeping. Dilemma...

Well for another 7 months, I think I can survive. Shoe box minimalist/zen living, here I come.


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