Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Lack Of Aesthetics

Ah, today I found the elusive macaroon in a French patisserie. Quite by chance really. I peered anxiously at the display case, the variety was not large, and not many were left. On top of that, they didn't even look consistent, let alone well-made. They were roughly-made, with holes in them, the sizes were uneven as you can see from the photo. The green pistachio macaroon is a giant compared to the yellow lemon one which was closer to the standard size sold. They were not a perfect round either, and did not look like work of a professional baker. Very disappointing. Apart from the aesthetics (or rather lack thereof), the taste also did not measure up to the macaroon I had in HK. The almond taste was more obvious than the HK version, but I really didn't taste any pistachio flavour. I haven't eaten the lemon one yet, I was planning to savour my precious finds, but actually now I am just not that enthusiastic to eat the second one right away. It was just not... beckoning.

But hey, the snack dish I made in Ceramics class, at least looks good.


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