Sunday, November 05, 2006

Home Remedy For Warts

I am typing this with a piece of banana peel taped to one of my palms. Why? Well, a wart has sprouted out on my palm and I read online testiments of the banana peel home remedy (inside whitish part of peel to face the wart) for wart removal and thought, what have I got to lose? I've been through several liquid nitrogen treatments which are so freakin' painful, not only does the nitrogen burn through layers of your skin, the nurse then uses this sharp blade to shave away the top layers of burnt (dead) skin until fresh skin is exposed (sometimes to the extent where blood is seen meaning she's cut so deep into the not-dead skin as well) for the next round of burning by liquid nitrogen. And warts recur (they are caused by a viral infection and some people are just more susceptible to them than others - I guess having sensitive skin makes me one of those unfortunate folks) so it's just a vicious cycle of pain which I can do without really (and that is saying a lot seeing that I've got a superhuman threshold for pain). Then I've also bought salicylic acid solution from the pharmacy and done DIY treatements, this is the baby version of burning warts with the liquid nitrogen. Not always effective, especially for bigger, hardcore warts. So when I read about this painless, cheap AND effective home remedy, I decided to make a trip to the market to buy some bananas. And for the more scientifically-minded ones reading this, the basis of this cure is not some old wives' tale hocus pocus, it's all that potassium in bananas that is supposed to work on the warts.

I have eaten bananas only twice since Cyclone Larry hit Queensland earlier this year and wiped out the entire banana crop. The price of bananas shot up to the banana equivalent of oil prices since the Iraq War started. It didn't worry me very much as I don't like banana as a fruit, I just like bananas in everything else like cakes, muffins, fritters, sundaes. Weird, I know.

Well, in 3 days or so I'll be able to testify to the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of this banana peel home remedy for warts. Watch this space.


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