Thursday, November 09, 2006

Moving Out, Moving On

The move went really well. I had moved in 2 tranches. On Tuesday, I bought the new futon and moved that and all the heavy stuff. Today, WC and I moved the rest, odds and ends, and the microwave. It was goodbye Surry Hills, home for the last 9 months, hello Paddington. As neither of us were hungry, I unpacked and put things away, while she sat and watched, chatted and drank green tea. I felt that a great deal had been done. Everything that should be put away was put away. Storage space seemed sufficient, although it meant that I had to pile some bags on top of the washing machine. But at least they were hidden away behind closed doors and left the apartment nice and neat.

I've got a few essential items (TV not being 1 of them!) I need to get for the place. I will stock up the fridge and pantry when I get back from my trip. In the meantime, the apartment feels very warm, in more ways than 1, and I guess it's not a bad thing that I had to move. I'm now 5 minutes from college and 7 minutes from the gallery I will be doing internship at. The internet signal seems stronger here than the old place. WC tells me that further down the street which I am on, is a stretch of nice cafes - more exploring due.

Ok time to test out my brand new futon in my new apartment. Good night, sweet dreams.


Blogger sunshine said...

Hey, I recognise that peachy rubbery bag!

Futon looks all nice and big too! :D

9:27 pm  

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