Friday, November 03, 2006


The flowering of the Jacaranda trees in Sydney is one of the prettiest sights of Spring I reckon. Walking under a canopy of bluish-purple Jacaranda blooms is refreshing and almost magical. It just makes you feel cheerful and positive. Seeing the pavements lined with a carpet of the purplish flowers is another sight that makes me happy. I don't know if it's colour therapy (blue for calm, and purple for kinky?) or just the signs of Spring, that life is constantly regenerating that is so infectious, that you have no choice but to feel completely swept up in the whole cycle of life.

The brilliant red bougainvilla that is creeping up this white wall of the terrace house opposite the college has caught my eye, every time I walk past it. The deep, intense shade is so well-contrasted with the pristine white wall. And the fact that it's climbed up so high on the wall without any sort of support or climber is also interesting to see.

Spring is indeed a very pretty time.


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