Sunday, October 29, 2006

And On Sunday She Rested - Well Not Quite

Sunday, the traditional day of rest. After what had seemed like a very long week, what with the Installation day, full work days in between, gallery sitting, Opening night plus packing up the non-essential stuff from this apartment, I certainly had a big lie-in today. Well I also lost an hour of my sleep because at 2 am this morning, we moved the clock an hour forward for Daylight Saving Time.

Indulging in a take-it-easy type of Sunday, I washed the new sheet set I bought yesterday, to get them all ready for the new apartment. Then embarked on my mission to use up more of the dried goods in my pantry. I baked my favourite rock buns: flour - ticked, dried fruit mix - ticked, eggs - ticked, sugar - ticked. Also was just reminded as I am typing this entry that I had left a batch of date cupcakes in the oven! Short-term memory not existent - ticked. Thank goodness the oven had been turned off and they were just sitting in the leftover warmth.

Now that all the baking's done, photos taken, I'm off to take a walk in the village, enjoy the sunshine a little and what's left of this beautiful Sunday.


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