Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Zen Moment

The more I pack, the more worried I become. The number of bags, boxes and packages keeps going up and looks like it's going to hit 20 (I had 7 bags and a microwave when I moved into this apartment - just as a basis for comparison). I now have my files and papers and the kitchen/pantry odds and ends left to pack. Oh right, and the clothes kept for the next week's use and a couple of bags. And the plants. And my lilac overcoat. And my laptop and modem. Oh and that 1 chair I have. The leftover list also seems to be creeping along.

I think the new things I've accumulated since I got here are basically essentials like kitchen items, pillows and sheets, the microwave and the heater - all surely life's necessities. The only things which may be classified as non-essential accumulations are clothes, and even that, if you wanted to push the argument, I did drop 1 dress size and had to buy some new things that did not fall off my hips. In any case, the (self) justification doesn't solve my problem. I have a lot of stuff. I think the new apartment is smaller than this one, I didn't even see that much storage space, the current place has heaps and everything was neatly hidden away which I loved. I really cannot think of what else I can do without in order to be more minimalistic than I already am.

I think I need a Zen moment, even as I'm surrounded by piles of worldly possessions. Or especially so.


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