Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Ticket's Booked

I was not planning on going home for the duration of my 18 months here. But there have been some circumstances that have made a trip back necessary. So after a little research (not much), I've basically kinda impulsively booked my airticket since SQ is offering a good fare. All I did was ring my mum to tell her, and checked that the dates didn't clash with anything she had planned and then went back online and booked my ticket. So the deed is done. I'm flying out on 29 Jan 2007, spending almost 2 weeks back home and then flying back here on 11 Feb 2007. I'm trawling through local foodblogs, trying to prioritise all the goodies I want, no - need to eat when I get home. I don't think I've got enough meal slots to fit them all in... but I shall ENDEAVOUR.


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