Saturday, December 30, 2006

More Good Finds At Vinnie's

I just could not resist this pair of Bodum glass beakers at the Vinnie's shop at Paddington. Their sleek design just called out to me as I stood there, trying very hard to argue against my instincts. I already have glasses, (well not really apart from the Vitrosax expresso cups which I have now packed away) I have those ceramic cups I made in the studio (yes, but they are going to be given away as gifts to SPECIAL people), I never have that many guests in the shoebox anyway and I do have two nice Noritake tea cups if I ever have guests (yes, but those are tea cups, these are more like coffee cups)... Ok, ok, so I caved in quite willingly and bought them for $2 each. I love them and am already drinking green tea out of one of them.

I also spotted this gorgeous 60s dining chair with a dark brown, hard leather seat. It was in mint condition and the slim, hard wood legs were so sleek. (I think I am partial towards "sleek" designs) I sat on it and tested it out, so comfortable, especially the back. I need that chair and I want it even more. I pulled myself away most reluctantly but I have decided that I am going to go back and get it. Either tomorrow if the shop's open, if not then I shall have to wait till next Thursday which is my next free day and then let Fate decree if the chair should be mine or not. You can never find nice retro furniture at such low prices back in Singapore. I'm just going to ship everything back.


Blogger sunshine said...

See? Told you to just buy everything you like and ship them back. Don't hold back. Happy shopping!

7:04 pm  

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