Thursday, March 22, 2007

Estrangement Of City Life

I am doing an essay on estrangement and isolation of city living after the Industrial Revolution, have been reading Karl Marx and Engel's essay on that topic today. And coincidentally, that is how I've been feeling all day - a sense of loneliness in this city of 6 million people. There is life around me, sounds of cars and other traffic, I hear people talking below my balcony, I can even discern what they are saying, heels clicking on the pavement as people hurry along to their destinations... but an overwhelming sense of isolation surrounds me. I feel that I am all alone really, alienated from the rest of life that is going on.

Does the fact that it's a big city with bustling life, amplify this feeling? Making one feel smaller and even more alone than you already are? Is it the noises that highlight that you are silent? Or is it the people rushing about that reminds you that you do not have anywhere to arrive at? Or that you don't have anyone to go home to?

Does loneliness make people do desperate and sometimes stupid things? Or does it make one stronger as you learn to cope with the isolation and learn to enjoy your own company? I guess one just has to keep reminding oneself that this too, shall pass. It's just a phase of life that one goes through, and with that, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Blogger thenastybeagle said...

hi- your posting struck a chord. don't i know how the feeling!! but yes, it'll pass. although sometimes, it might take years before it finally does pass.... but hey, whatever doesn't kill you will just make you stronger, eh?

12:37 am  
Blogger thenastybeagle said...

hi snuffy. hang in there! don't i know the feeling! and yes, it'll pass... although sometimes i swear it takes years before it does... or... wait,.. did it ever really pass? hm.....

12:40 am  

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