Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Verdict No. 1: Haircut

Completely unintentionally, I ended up with one of those post-big-traumatic-break-up haircuts that women get, in a relatively easy but yet dramatic change, that they want to make to themselves and their lives after a particularly bad/sad ending of a relationship. My instructions to the hairdresser was to "cut 2 inches off, just a trim, and not too layered, please.", I wasn't aiming for one of those image-changing looks. She first showed me the first snip to assure me of the length she was cutting off, yeah that looks reasonable, I nodded my head. Subsequent snips just went more and more and I ended up with a head of hair which was probably half in terms of amount that I started out with. The up-side is my head feels lighter, all the dry, yellow, hay-like ends were all completely lopped off and my hair looks and feels so much healthier. It's gone really wavy because there isn't the length or weight to pull the hair down straight(er), so my natural waves have kicked in. And instead of just 2 inches off, I think the back is just slightly below my shoulders and the sides just sweep my collar bones. On my nth look in the mirror to examine this post-trauma haircut that I did not request for, I have decided that it doesn't look so drastic after all...

Verdict No. 2: My fave Hainanese chicken rice shop

Standards have dropped drastically. Perhaps it was the shock of the cold chicken kicking in as I was the first customer at 11 am and it was truly the cold sort of steamed chicken which takes many new customers to Hainanese chicken rice by surprise, that they served me. The minced ginger in oil was still good, but the rice itself barely had the flavour of the chicken stock. I had to sniff hard just to ensure I wasn't given a thermos pot of regular rice by accident. The mild fragrance was barely palpable. The taste was even less so, if possible. I was sorely disappointed, having not eaten there for several months, and my previous memory of it was still reasonably good. I have to look into the depths of my pantry to see if there is any remnants of the chicken rice mix I bought which I thought was not up to standard, because after today, even that sub-standard homemade stuff tastes better. And I ate so little of the rice, for the first time, I did not end up with a solid-brick-stuck-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach feeling...


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