Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Treasure

I went in to see JF with my treasure. If anyone would be able to recognise a piece of Australian ceramic, it would be JF. If that fails, he has all those books on potters' marks and stamps that I was ready to pore through.

I unwrapped my treasure and he said, "It's a Susie McMeekin?!" Oh wow, is that right? I turned it around and showed him the potter's mark and JF corrected himself, "It's a Steve Sheridan, he's Susie's brother-in-law. Ivan McMeekin's son-in-law." JF confirmed that I had done well, A$5 for this bowl which would have fetched a couple of hundreds. What can I say - my 5 months in Freeland Gallery have not gone to waste. I've honed my eye! After all Ivan McMeekin is one of Australia's most distinguished potters, and so is his daughter, Susie. I've done quite well indeed, for a piece I've picked up at a random garage sale, 5 metres away from my unit, just a few weeks ago. JF concurred that the form was lovely and it was a very nice celadon glaze.

I can't wait to find more treasures.

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