Saturday, June 16, 2007

Singapore - Part 1 (The Work Leg)

I've been back (for a moment I hesitated about using the word "back"- how weird is that?) in Singapore for a week now. The best part of that week was spent on work and with regional colleagues. And being sick. Down with a bad throat infection which saw me croaking for at least 2 days including the day I had to give a presentation. Raw, painful and being unable to swallow even saliva without feeling like razors being drawn down the insides of my throat for a few days, was absolutely no fun. But I think the worst has passed. Another couple days of antibiotics and better sleep (for the record, Xanax is super mild and doesn't do very much for me, Stilnox is much better, but the doc didn't have that and I also didn't want to hallucinate, open fridges and start gorging myself stupid and then not remember what I did overnight...) should cure me completely.

I've had a couple of good meals, but not quite satisfying what I've been craving for. On the plus side, today I found macarons in Singapore! The minus is that they were too soft, too sweet and tasteless. Other minuses in the food arena are the lousy roti prata, nasi lemak and bak kut teh I've had. And Basil Alcove was actually closed when I went last Saturday as the chef/owner had to take a personal day off urgently. I need to make it up by having great Hainanese chicken rice, xiao long bao and other yummy stuff in the week to come.

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