Sunday, June 17, 2007

Singapore - Part 2 (Food At Work)

During the work week, we had a couple of nights out and of course they all involved food. On the first night, because TG had made a special request days ago when we were still in Sydney, for me to take him somewhere to find a big pao the way he remembers it from his Malaysia days, I had decided we were going to Dai Dong in Chinatown. Luckily they had a couple of those big paos left and he had his craving fulfilled.
I had mine fulfilled too. We order Peking Duck, one of my all-time favourites. This one was ok, nothing spectacular but it was good in the sense that at least I managed to have one of my favourite food.

After a full meal, TG and I took a walk around Chinatown to aid digestion while A went back to the hotel. We soon decided it was time for dessert. So TG had an ice kacang and was rather pleased with the huge mound of shaven ice with colour overload over it. I was happy with my bobo-chacha.
The next day, the entire group met up for the most boring training I've attended in my entire life. It reinforced why Statistics is a brain-numbing subject for me at "A" Levels. The only highlight was when the 2-day course ended.

However, we did go out for crabs at several people's request. Ended up at Jumbo, but not the usual one at East Coast, instead the one at Riverwalk. So there was still a water view but a river instead of the sea. We had quite a few delicious dishes, the cereal prawns were excellent, so was the crispy baby squid, scallop in yam and of course, the highlight - the chilli crabs. We were so engrossed in getting our hands dirty, I forgot the pictures.

Some of us had the hashima dessert and there was a lively debate as to which part of what animal that was. I read somewhere it was slugs, someone said it was the gland of frogs (which I've heard of too) and finally, another person authoritatively said it was really the fats surrounding the ovaries of female frogs. Just because he said it with authority and had such details, it sounded like the truth! And it put off a whole lot of folks at the table naturally. But the ones who had ordered it, still dug in with relish!! It would take a lot to put me off the food I like.

The group dinner on day 3 turned out to be a disappointment. Despite touting the steak as being really good, the $8 steak at Captain Cook in Sydney is infinitely more superior and a whole lot cheaper as well. I didn't like it one bit, too fatty, too tasteless. I can wait till I get back to Sydney to enjoy a really good steak.

I guess one lousy meal after a couple of good ones isn't too bad. But I'm making sure I'm having more more more good ones in my time here.

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