Thursday, June 28, 2007


The night before

The last night before I fly off. Just had dinner with mum, she felt bad about being addicted to her Korean serial which she had blown me off for. So she succumbed and said we could leave before the show ended. Miracles never cease!

The day

The cab I had booked in advance didn't arrive. Thankfully, another cab happened to pass by and I didn't have to wait too long. The flight was uneventful, the food was forgettable, the shrieky kid in the seat across the aisle from me shut up after a while, thank God. I watched 2 movies, "Premonition" and "Music & Lyrics", both were pretty good, I particularly enjoyed the latter. Soppy, funny with those hip-thrusting 80s dance moves. Very nostalgic.

Upon arrival, I expected to be hit with a cold and windy Sydney. It was surprisingly pleasant, with a fresh nippiness in the air but overall good weather. I think I might have brought good weather back with me.

The day after

I could hardly get out of bed. It wasn't too cold walking to work, but I soon feel tired and sleepy after lunch. I had to shop for groceries because the pantry is EMPTY. After I made a quick dinner of thai coconut rice and a thai spicy steamed fish (ready to microwave of course) as I was spooning in my last mouthful while chatting on the mobile phone, the lights go out, together with my TV and internet connection as well. Oh no, power failure! I checked my fuse box, none of the circuit breakers tripped up. I go out into the balcony and spot a neighbour with a torch, and spoke to him. His lights are off too, but the units flanking us in the same building have light.

Left messages for the agent. Neighbour has gone to check the main switch board, I didn't see him come out, must have missed him. After an hour, I see him getting into his truck, he said he had rung the power company, there was some power trouble in our neighbourhood, so it's not isolated to our block. The power company assured him they would fix the problem by 11 pm, another 2 more hours. Neighbour drove off, probably to the pub to kill time and stay warm.

I pop a melatonin, pull on my bed socks - might as well have an early night by default. After about 20 minutes, the light I left on in the bathroom comes on. There is light! Drama over.



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