Friday, July 06, 2007

I Want Out Of The Shoebox

I'm back to apartment hunting. Last Saturday I only viewed one apartment. Today I nipped off work for 40 minutes to look at a "NY loft-style" apartment. The living space with kitchenette was probably the size of my shoebox but the upper sleeping loft with bathroom was three-quarter the size of the downstairs. The upside was its central location just opposite the central railway station. The downside was it's opposite the central railway station, with the tooting of the trains, buses roaring down that street (my 15 minutes of waiting confirmed all the traffic noises). The good thing is that this unit faces the back and not the station, but the bad thing is that it looks right smack into an old brick building, and I mean right smack. Like you could see the old guy in the other building picking his nose, if there were some old guy there picking his nose. The old building was eerily empty, but it's possibly in the midst of a refurbishment or potential demolition. The agent had no clue, neither did he have any application forms on him, in fact he told me I had to trek all the way to his agency in Randwick just to pick up a form. Well boo - that's really dumb and I'm not blown away enough to do that for this unit.

So I keep looking. I have three units lined up for inspection tomorrow. I did have one realisation though - units painted a cheery yellow look very welcoming and fresh. They never fail to attract me with their photos to have a closer look. I think this colour therapy is really important, if only more landlords were more adventurous than painting everything white or beige. I think a light yellow is a safe compromise. But maybe that's just me, and to some tenants, that could be as bad as fuschia pink or funky purple?



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