Wednesday, July 04, 2007

While I Can Still Afford Her

Tay Lay Leng, 6 Degrees Below The Horizon

I am betting on this friend to make it (or somewhat make it, considering how hard it is to make it in the arts in Singapore) in the arts scene. When I first met her several years ago in a community club watercolour class, she painted somewhat realistic landscapes. She had a pleasant style then, very pretty, very soothing, a little impressionistic.

Tay Lay Leng, Turn

But nothing that would grab anyone's attention, nothing commanding, she had to break free and let go before her works could become something special. However, what she had was potential. And a humility to learn, talk to people to exchange ideas, go to exhibitions to see what good and conversely, bad art is.

Tay Lay Leng, Reflections I

And now, some years on, and a few years in art school, she has developed and evolved and now her works grab you. I told her, half in jest, that I need to buy a couple of her works, before she becomes famous, when they are still affordable.

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