Sunday, July 01, 2007


Clothes maketh a man. So said Polonius ever so wisely. I think it's the shoes that really speak volumes really. I'm no shoe whore - ok 9 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of boots and 3 pairs of thongs/birkies, probably qualifies me as somewhat of a mini shoe whore. Just somewhat. But back to my point.

I look at a man's feet and how he is shod and make my evaluation. Canvas sneakers, street-style usually marks a man as trendy and hip. Loafers with a metallic buckle means he's a business type who's somewhat made it or wants to make it in the corporate world. Leather shoes with a square toe indicates a professional type who still wants to retain his individuality and be a little different (my fave). Slip-on black shoes which are kinda cuffed is usually the choice for junior level staff, who really can't care too much about their dressing or have enough self-awareness to know that what they wear won't really make much of a difference to their careers.

So what do your shoes say about you?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great wife has a same red color josef seibel shoes

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