Monday, July 02, 2007

Sweet In Savoury

Inspired by the sweet traces of blueberries in the lamb harissa (Wiki: Harissa is a Tunisian hot red sauce or paste made from chilli peppers (often smoked) and garlic, often with coriander, cumin, caraway, and/or olive oil. It may also contain tomoatoes. It somewhat resembles sambal and chilli sauce) and almond sausage roll from the Bourke Street Bakery which I had last Saturday, I decided to try my hand in introducing a bit of sweetness into traditionally savoury dishes.

With the minced pork I have in my freezer, I decided to make a hamburger for lunch tomorrow. I marinated the meat with the regular condiments of salt, pepper, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and sesame oil. The additional special ingredient was the Korean citrus honey I have in the pantry. This is actually a citrus tea drink, but is really more of a orange honey. I spooned a tablespoonful into the meat and stir it through, added some cornstarch to bind the meat and shaped it into a thick patty and fried it in some oil in a non-stick pan.

This will go on buttered soy and linseed bread and the bell pepper cheddar I bought from the Tumba festival over Easter. I had a taste of the cheddar at dinner tonight, it was delicious. I am eating the last memories I have of the Narooma camping trip. Maybe when I have finished devouring the last of the cheddar, I would have also gotten the memories of it out of my system?

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