Sunday, July 01, 2007

Friends & Food

Another yummy Persian meal cooked by F. This one seems really simple. Simmer chicken and sliced carrots in a pot with a little bit of water. To make the sauce, grate half an onion and cook with some tomato paste. Add the water from the chicken and carrots to the sauce and stir well till boiling. Season with salt. Then add the sauce into the chicken and simmer a little more. So simple and so delicious with basmati rice. I overate as usual, as with everytime I go over to her house.

Then F gets it into her head to do me a makeover. Ok at least she confined herself to a makeover of my eyes. She should have been a beautician. She plucked my eyebrows to neaten them a little. I constantly warn her that I do not want to be over-plucked. The high-arched look is just so not in. She agreed to be restrained and worked her magic with various tools. I still don't like the sticky feel of mascara. I told her I looked like a Japanese Cleopatra when she was done. And I protested when she drew my lips with a liner, outside of my lips to make me even more bee-stung. Uggghh... I love F and her wonderful meals she cooks for me, but NO, I draw the line somewhere and that line is HERE.
The overhead wires and cables along the train lines make a strong silhouette against the pretty sunset as I waited for the bus. There is trackwork again and the hike to F's house took me 1.5 hours each way - bus, train, bus, foot. But the lovely day out made it worth the while - friends and food can never go wrong!

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