Saturday, September 22, 2007

That Wedding

Finally, the big day. Not ours but G's old flatmate's which we had been getting ready for, with the hair, dress, shoes etc (for me of course, G just wore his fave work suit aptly nicknamed "the wedding singer suit" when he bought it, for the shade of slightly shimmering bluish-grey). It was a chilly Spring day which saw a bit of the sun peeking through but quickly went back to being windy with a cold nip in the air.

I think the best part about going to Church which I like, is the singing of hymns. It never fails to evoke a sense of ... being moved. It's inexplicable. The service was quite short, the sermon was interesting, modern and meaningful. The pastor said that it's people's differences that brought people together, and should not be a source of conflict but a source of strength to complement each other.

The dinner reception was held at the University hall, quite reminiscent of what I would imagine Hogswart's great hall would be, except on a much smaller scale.

The food was beautiful (when it finally came). We had to resort to various tactics to attract the servers who were bearing platters of finger food at the cocktail reception before dinner was served. We tried telepathy, moo-moo hungry eyes, the evil we-are-hungry-and-we-mean-business stares, forming a line to direct them towards us and creating a welcoming circle to enfold them into our midst type of formation as well. Towards the end of the cocktail reception, they started to fall under the charms of our various methods and the food which barely made it near us earlier started to come in streams. But it could also be that they realised that dinner was going to start soon and they had to get rid of the hors d'oeuvre - quickly! My faves were the prawns with shredded coconut on skewers and the chicken salsa on mini pikelets.

The dinner itself was also fabulous, I had the rack of lamb for my main (G only ate the accompanying french beans and the potato rosti as there were no vegetarian/seafood option, strangely enough) and enjoyed the cheese cake with raspberry compote dessert even though I am normally not very keen on heavy cheese cakes. The biscotti that went with my tea was deliciously light and flakey, and G wanted me to sweep the leftover handmade chocolates into my little handbag, but I staunchly refused to cave in to such boorish behaviour (I said I might consider if the other people at our table had gone out to the bathroom or for a smoke).

I have no pictures of the food as the camera was too bulky to slip into my little dinky evening bag. But the memory and discussion of the yummy dishes continued long after the dinner and proved how much we had enjoyed ourselves.

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