Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mittagong - Post Script

I walked on the grass to get a closer look at the pretty Spring flowers in a little park while we were in Mittagong. Suddenly G pointed out the many lumps on the grass and asked if they were doggy poo. I had trod on one, it was all squished on the soles of my shoes. I realised the entire place was covered with these brown doggy poo longish clumps and I was surrounded by and trapped amongst all the doggy poo!

Getting more traumatised by the second, I tried to tip toe my way out of the" mine field", avoiding the "land mines" as best as I can. I was pretty agitated by the time I slowly picked my way out of the grassy park to the pavement and frantically tried my best to scrape the flattened brown muck off my shoes, against the grass as best as I can.

G then theorised that they were possibly not doggy poo because:-

1. There were just too many of them, hundreds literally, littered across the entire park - it would have taken a horde of dogs to do that;
2. They were too uniform in size; and
3. Most importantly, they did not smell! (this was the reason that won me over cos doggy poo really smells)

As he thought it through, while I continued my traumatic attempts to clean my shoes against the grass while holding onto a lamp-post for support so that I don't accidentally fall over, on the poo, he finally concluded that the "doggy poo" pieces were actually pieces of earth, made when an instrument is poked into the earth and pulled out, in order to loosen the soil and aerate it! Arrgghh... I wish he had come to this well-reasoned conclusion earlier. It would have saved me a lot of TRAUMA...



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