Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back In Time

Erskineville is quite a quaint suburb. We caught the train, and it was just a couple of stops from Central station. The signs to show the time of arrival of the next train on whichever platform, are really a throwback to the past. I hope they never upgrade the signs to those common digital TV screens. A little character goes a long way, and it's not a very busy station that manually turning the hands of the clock cannot cope with.

It was lunch before inspecting the wares at the Mitchell Road Auction House. We had been to Bitton before. It was a little pricey and had a gourmet food store (and an online store) as well as the cafe. The lamb cutlets I had the first time were quite good - I have developed a liking for lamb ever since I moved to Sydney, I used to abhor the smell of lamb back in Singapore. Perhaps it was the different way lamb is cooked here that makes it so delicious. The spicy Moroccan chicken sandwich I had this time round sounded and looked better than it tasted.

This will remain on the "if I'm in the area, I might drop in" list, but I do want to try the other cafes and pubs in the area.

It was yet again a throwback in time at the auction house. Retro, mid-Century design furniture were being inspected by a steady trickle of people who are obviously in the know. This is where I spied the day/night lounge that I had loved and lost. But I know I will be back to Erskineville and to Mitchell Road.

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