Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Keep Fit, Eat Right Nazi Says

The Keep Fit, Eat Right Nazi (formerly known as G) laid down his imperial decree last night. In order to battle the (my) bulge and to arrest (reduce, exterminate, eliminate) the excess baggage of 5 kgs since July last year when we met, there is a strict diet plan to be followed. Since it has delivered (substantial) results for the Nazi over the last 3 months and is hence tried and tested, the diet plan is indisputable.

On the list of permissible food, and in fact the menu is a boring repetition every single day:-

1. Breakfast: Porridge (meaning oats not rice) which I hate. So as a concession, the Nazi is going to allow me to substitute it with muesli.
2. Lunch: 1 sweet potato, a cup of steamed/microwaved veggies (fresh or frozen), fish or tofu.
3. Afternoon snack: an apple - which I am not fond of because apples are hard so the Nazi is allowing me to swap that for a pear instead.
4. Dinner: Steamed/microwaved veggies and protein. Since I am a meat-eater (and the Nazi is not), I am allowed to have lean meat like turkey breast. I am thinking beef. Dessert is half a rock melon. On reflection, this photo is of a meal we had last week and it is effectively a permitted meal AND is what we normally cook on weekends anyway. I don't know whether to feel happy or sad.

I am allowed weekends off. I also negotiated for 2 out of 5 weekdays off at lunch so that I can have a sociable meal out with colleagues.

Desserts like these 2 babycakes are on the list of prohibited food. I am also not allowed rice, bread, noodles or pasta during the week, I am not sure how that will sit with my system.

I will give it a go for a bit as summer has come and gone and I haven't lost the winter weight that I was pretty certain I would lose. Being happy has a lot to answer for.

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