Monday, March 31, 2008

2 Resolutions And A Funeral

An update on various household headaches, past and present:-

1. After more than 3 months of angst with the real estate agent, strata agent, electric company, turning to the Fair Trading Office for help after hitting a brick wall with the aforesaid, I finally got about $58 back in credit in the mail today for my electricity bill. This makes all those white hairs, non-printable spewing (including my favourite coined by an aghast Singaporean friend, who could hardly believe how horrendously bad/inefficient/incompetent/nonchalant Australian customer service can be - "FUBAR"), constant ranting to everyone who cares (or not) to hear my grievances, ALMOST worth the while.

2. My gas situation also got sorted out and I received my first "real" bill of almost $200 which gave me a shock until I realised that was for the last 7 months as the gas company had been billing me for the wrong address (to the wrong address so I never got the bill while the occupant in that unit was enjoying free gas all the time) while my own unit did not receive any bill throughout that time. Maths isn't my strongest subject hence the initial almost-heart attack till I divvied it up and figured it was only $20 plus per month.

3. After 2 happy conclusions, I have to report a sad one. My 9-month young TV was off-kilter as I shifted it slightly to get it to a better viewing angle in the midst of "Grey's Anatomy" last night and it crashed face down onto the timber floor. I must thank my lucky stars my toes weren't crushed as even from that low height, it was mighty heavy. I put the TV face up again and the sound of a million pieces of shattered glass greeted me. I was grateful to have my toes intact and also not to have smithereens all over the floor as the TV screen was somehow intact.

I will bury the dead (TV) when I get some help to carry the body.



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