Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cucina, Gold Coast

This was one cool deli cum cafe in the Varsity Lakes area we stayed at, when we were at the Gold Coast. The glass showcase in the front had all sorts of mouthwatering hams and cheeses. Rows of Italian mineral water neatly lined the shelves behind, fusing the display of its wares with a sense of aesthetics as well.
Decor-wise, I especially love the hanging lamp, made of little glass bottles filled with some sort of red Italian soda. Ingenious designs are usually simple ones too.

The Bertoia wire chair is not one of my favourites, as I always have the phobia that the wire mesh pattern would be branded into my buttocks and back of my thighs if I sat in one for any protracted period of time. I was pleasantly surprised that even with a very thin chair pad, it was quite comfortable actually.

Since we were only there for breakfast, I ordered a ham and Jarlsberg cheese croissant. The croissant was fluffy and buttery, and beautifully displayed with a dark brown sauce drawn across the white plate. G wondered if it were chocolate sauce while I figured "Vegemite?" Turns out to be a delicious balsamic reduction. The cherry tomatoes were juicy and sweet and the rocket and spinach, lightly wilted, made a nice accompaniment, both taste-wise and visually.

I can still imagine the taste of that ham and cheese croissant as I write this entry, a simple little sandwich really, but oh so beautiful.

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