Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Shopaholics Hit Gold Coast Outlet Shops

G is quite tickled by this photo of me pigging out on waffles with dollops of Movenpick ice-cream when we were in the Gold Coast, thus upping the sin factor. We had hit Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Mall, reminiscent of those huge, sprawling American factory outlet malls where riding a golf buggy from shop to shop wouldn't be a far-fetched idea.

It felt like we had spent what seemed like an eternity trying on loads of jackets (G), trench coats (me) and shoes (both of us) . We had picked up a few good buys, these suede ankle-high Nike shoes with the baby blue laces were value for money at A$30. Plus G egged me on to get them, he thought they were really cool. But my right Achilles heel tendon doesn't seem to like being rubbed against by the top of the shoe. I'm hoping to break it (the shoe not the tendon) in soon.

So after hours of trudging from shop to shop, trying on endless pieces of apparel, lugging shopping bags, we had to stop for sustenance. What better than a cup of coffee and something sweet, to hit the spot?

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